A Holiday Gift Wrapping Challenge in 60 Seconds

Our experts are put to the ultimate wrapping challenge!

With the number of hours we’ve all spent wrapping presents over the years, we should all be experts by now, right? Well, we are about to find out how good our Cityline experts really are… in a little game we are calling “So, you think you can wrap?”

Simple Wrapping Technique 

We all know there are a million ways to wrap a present. Recently I saw a trend on TikTok where they show you how to wrap something
with just one piece of tape. It’s actually pretty simple. And it’s a great technique for smaller gifts!

  1. Measure your paper
  2. Pull down over the top of the box.
  3. Hold in place and fold the top of one side in and over
  4. Then do the same on the other side
  5. Repeat on each side.
  6. Finish the edge
  7. Tuck around the bottom and tape in place
  8. Add tags and embellishments

Gift Wrapping Challenge! 

Now that we know the best way to wrap gifts, let’s put our experts to the test. Our experts had only a minute to wrap their presents using this technique!

Mairlyn’s Gift

Vivian’s Gift

Janice’s Gift 

Kareema’s Gift

Tracy’s Gift

And the (obvious) winner is … Mairlyn!

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