4 DIY Plant Presents To Gift This Holiday

Easy presents for the holidays!

If you need a last-minute present for the holiday party, a pretty, seasonal plant is a perfect idea. But how do you take it up a notch and make it look like it came from a high-end florist? Well, im going to tell you all of my secrets!

I love giving plants as a hostess gift because it’s party décor they can enjoy long after the party’s over, and most people can find a spot in their home for a cute plant. They last longer than flowers and can be found at your local greengrocer! These are also great décor ideas for your own home at holiday time, so it doesn’t have to be a gift either. Basically, we’ll try to look like a million bucks when you’re on a budget and don’t have a lot of time.

DIY 1: No DIY for you!

If getting your hands dirty doesn’t appeal to you, you can get someone else to do the work. This little tree is from Tonic Blooms and comes with battery-operated twinkle lights and fake snow. I love this idea, and how they have dressed up a sweet tktk plant. And you can have that sent over ahead of your arrival so hosts can find a place for it, during the day when they are setting up.

DIY 2: Simply Re-Potting

  • First of all, I have some pretty planters. Now I like to stock up, so I have a few handy, but most grocers sell an option of some kind of ceramic pot. Or check out your local thrift store. Honestly, mine always has great ceramic plant pots. The trick is finding the right fit.
  • When you buy plants at the grocery store or local flower market, they often have coloured cellophane around the bottom, with a weird ruffle. Take that off and DITCH it immediately. You should just be left with a plastic plant pot. That’s what we want to cover up.
  • Here, I’ve got a Winter Berry plant, and a small, creamy poinsettia. These both fit into this 4” pot I have and basically, you want it to drop in, and not even bother removing the plastic. This actually makes it easier for the recipient to water it. Now, you want to make sure that plastic isn’t showing, but it’s not because these are both fluffy plants that drape over the edge. And there you have it! Ready to place on a table.
  • You could do two of these the same, or one and pair it with a bottle of wine. You’ve just saved money because a florist will be marking up the plant, the pot, and the labour of putting them together.

Pet Tip: Some plants, like Poinsettias, are toxic to pets, so always check before bringing a plant to someone’s house.

DIY 3: Amaryllis

  • Ok, this next one, we’re going to do the same thing with a beautiful Amaryllis, but this time, we’re going to add some moss on top of the soil. Because of the style of the plant, and we see the soil, it looks a bit more polished with moss showing as opposed to dirt.
  • And we’re going to use these little ferning pins to tack down that moss so it doesn’t fall out. Just rip pieces off to fit around the plant and there you have it! You can also add a little ornament or pinecone if you want to make it more of an arrangement. Just pin it down into the soil on a wire or pick.

DIY 4: Little Cypress Trees

  • Finally, we have here the most adorable little cypress trees, and we’re going to do the same treatment, but this time add a festive felt garland around it.
  • The key is to ditch the plastic wrap and cover those cheap plastic pots with something pretty.

Tip: If you can’t find the right size pot you can remove the plastic pot entirely and get rid of some of the dirt for a better fit in your planter