How to Design a Sustainable (and Mostly Thrifted) Home Gym

A lesson on sustainable fitness to help you create your dream at-home gym on a budget.

With the on-and-off closures of gyms, it’s important that you stay active. Building a home gym can be expensive, here are some tips to save money and keep things ecologically friendly while DIYing your setup.

You can get pretty much any gym equipment and free weights second-hand. A great way to support the fitness industry is by purchasing or renting equipment from gyms that have had to shut down due to the pandemic. This saves the equipment from being left unused, generates some extra income for the gyms, and prevents equipment from going into landfills. You can also find some great fitness finds like free weights at the thrift store!

It’s important that your gym makes you feel good. You want to look forward to spending time in your home gym. Adding some inexpensive mirrors like these can add some dimension to the space. Adding some nice lighting is also great, fluorescent lamps are an inexpensive and eco-friendly lighting option. Adding some low-light and low-maintenance plants is also a great way to spruce up your gym and add in a pop of colour.

Lastly, you’re in a closed space like this, – believe me, you’ll need an air purifier! This one is from IKEA, it’s the Starkvind purifier, and it’s great for a space like this. It keeps the air moving, removes dust and pollen.

Finally, you want to look your best while working out! Here are some sustainable activewear brands.

  • Preloved is a brand that focuses on small-batch designs, made in-house in Toronto. This is important on a company level, they are not making more products than needed. Small batches help make sure nothing goes to waste! As well, all of the ink in the prints are biodegradable.
  • Next, we have H&M, their active line is relatively new as well, the best part is that majority of the line is made with 90% recycled polyester, and the pieces have a very approachable price point.
  • Knix, they’re making waves in the intimates industry, and now they’re taking over activewear. It’s all about moving at your size, with your body at your comfort level.
  • Verie, a  line designed by Canadian influencer Valeri. You too and all of her 1.8 million followers can look just like her. Verie is the must-have activewear for all of your social media videos. It’s a great line of basics and they’re designed in Canada and made in a sustainable factory in Portugal.