5 Fun Ways to Show Love to Your Friends on Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day does not just have to be about romance. It can be a celebration of friendship too! Here are some fun ideas to share that will help us stay connected to our friends this Valentine’s Day….or Palentine’s Day!

Powerpoint party

This is SUCH a fun trend right now and one you can do in person or from a distance. Here’s how it works: before the party, have everyone create a PowerPoint presentation on a random topic: my friends’ recent google history, rate your friends’ exes, where will we all be in twenty years, so many hilarious options! Then you present them to each other.

Best friend basket

The kids used to do this with their friends (even before the pandemic), surprise porch drop-off of treats. We would drive around the neighbourhood and sneak a little something on friends’ porches. How much fun would this be as an adult too? Put together a few things in a basket for each of your friends and drop them off as a surprise. Text them to let them know once you are gone. It does not have to be anything fancy, and you can either do the same for everyone or personalize it for each person. (I could have an example)

Trivia night

Similar to the PowerPoint idea, play a BFF trivia game! Have each person write down several questions about themselves with multiple choice answers. Each person reads them out, and everyone keeps track of their responses. Whoever gets the most right wins a prize.

Love match

Show friends near and far that you are thinking of them by sending matching shirts or V-day PJs and then set up an onscreen visit. I know many of us are over the zoom thing, but you can do games together to make it fresh and fun! My friends and I draw, one that is hilarious.

Chum challenge

I think this one would be so fun and potentially hilarious, depending on everyone’s experience. And it can be done in person OR on video chat! Pick an online tutorial for makeup or hair styling or cake/cookie decorating, have everyone gather in advance what they would need and then do it at the same time to see who nailed it and who failed it.