Classy Cut-Out Tops + Dresses For Any Age

"Regardless of your size or your age of your children, there are some very lovely spots on our bodies that deserve a bit of love."

We’ve seen this minimal fashion trend on celebrities and influencers all winter – in fact, sometimes it’s more cut-out than actual fabric, there are many iterations of a trend and we as the shopper can take the time to find a fit that works best for us and our undergarments!

Dynamite – Cut-out mini dress – $59.95

We are easing into spring and summer with body-positive, statement-making pieces. So maybe that is the starting off point. When you think back to last summer’s trends there was the exposed shoulder and before that, we had seasons of the cold shoulder. Denim has been distressed for years and now it’s slashed. Even the super high-thigh slit is a lead into this extreme trend. We also need to remember we don’t need to wear what the celebrities wear – that’s not our life! There are certainly more subtle options that will have us wanting to bare a hint of skin!

So first tip is to showcase what we love about ourselves. Regardless of your size or your age of your children, there are some very lovely spots on our bodies that deserve a bit of love. Show off your decolletage with cut-outs in between the neck and your bust. You may need to change your bra to strapless, but the look is pretty elegant. Also, please note this is actually one and done dressing because the cut-out is the accessory. Nothing else is needed. It’s a lovely way to showcase negative space meaning simply bare skin and no necklaces are needed. So, a sweater or knit top is a simple and lovely way to keep it comfortable.

Oak + Fort – Turtle with neck cut-out – $38

The next area is the midsection. You may recall the whole ‘flossing” which was straps of fabric wrapped around the tiny waists of actresses and models. We might be more comfortable with our obliques or just under our bustline. So, it’s not low enough to hit our belly buttons or if we pick a dress, there isn’t any tight waist to show a possible muffin top situation. The cut-out is higher and can be more of a peekaboo than a gaping void of fabric. Also, dresses allow you to balance out the void by providing length and other coverage that provides the fit you feel most comfortable with. Choose the size and location of the cut-out in a classic dress and enjoy!

H&M+ – Knit Dress – $39.99

Keep in mind there are also pieces that allow you to control how much you show off. You can undo a few more buttons across a slash or tighten or loosen a keyhole gather. Even the wrap of a blouse gives you control of how much skin is showcased by adjusting the wrap as you tie it. There are so many deconstructed options that will keep us looking appropriately on trend should we wish. We can respect the trend by focusing on one area and making it very intentional.

Dynamite – Sunny wrap blouse – $49.95