A Beginners' Guide for Growing a Tomato Garden

Starting your own garden just got easier.

Tomato gardening is relatively easy if you have a green thumb. Whether you’re a gardener at heart or just starting out, Carson Arthur shared his secrets for starting the very best tomato garden.

To start the perfect tomato garden, try getting your garden started by March 15th. This allows your plant to have the maximum time to grow. Make sure you use a grow light and offer your tomatoes 16 hours of light per day.

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Here are some this to add to your dirt to prep your soil:

  • Eggshells for calcium
  • Manure for fibre
  • Even some fertilizer
  • OMRI Listed

Using a ceramic watering system will ensure that your garden is well watered and that the hydration is being evenly distributed.

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To prevent critters from eating your garden, add some basil around the tomatoes and pepper plants around your tomatoes. These will keep little bugs and rabbits away.