4 Ways to Style Seersucker Clothing

Solving all summer style dilemmas. A lightweight fabric that will keep you cool on warm days…and you never have to iron it!

Seersucker is a thin, puckered, all-cotton fabric. It’s origin is from the Persian words (شیر shîr and شکر shakar) that means “milk and sugar,” from the looks of its smooth and rough stripes (smooth texture of milk and bumpy texture of sugar). The puckering effect makes it seersucker as it is created by weaving the fabric on twin-looms at different speeds. This type of fashion is ideal for spring/summer because it’s a light, breathable fabric, and does not have to be ironed.

Seersucker bold print dress

Seersucker can take any shape or form such as this bold printed dress. It has a really fun pattern that is light and perfect for date night. The side has a smocking that makes it movable and comfortable.

Printed Dress: $89

Sandals: $200

Seersucker pinstripe pants

This is a “casual streetwear” look that can be styled many ways. The fabric is very versatile making it easy to change up the look. This is a traditional seersucker pant that is styled with a graphic tee, denim shacket and bright yellow shoes.

Denim Shirt Jacket: $49.90

Pants: $29.90

Running Shoes: $240

Mini Backpack: $139.99

Seersucker pink dress

This is a one and done piece that is comfy and cool. It’s perfect for a brunch or bridal/baby shower. It is a beautiful pop of colour that can be styled with other pink tones.

Pink Dress: $49.99

Pink Purse: $144.99

Sandals: $220

Seersucker gingham pattern top

This is a fresh and flowy look with a fun gingham pattern. This can be a casual work look when paired with white denim pants to keep it fresh and fun.

Gingham Top: $36.99

White Jeans: $140

Closed-toe Sandals: $180

Cross-body Bag: $139.99

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