How to Start a Fragrance Wardrobe

Tips on how to build your fragrance wardrobe and have a scent for every occasion!

Step 1: Try on/edit your current collection

If you have a decent collection of scents, try them on again to see if they still resonate with you. Your body chemistry can change, making you dislike scents you once loved. If you overuse one particular scent, you might get so used to it that you have to use more to smell it.

Step 2: Learn the notes

Fragrances come in different notes, there are top notes, mid notes and base notes. The top note is fragrance notes recognized on immediate application and are the lightest of all notes. Mid notes are also referred to as heart notes because they essentially form the foundation of the fragrance. These scents are revealed once the top notes recede and are usually the dominant notes of the fragrance. The base notes are long-lasting notes that can last upwards of 6 hours and are the underlying aroma throughout the wear of the perfume. When looking for a scent, you should consider what type of scent appeals to you (i.e. floral, musky, citrusy, fruity, etc.)

Step 3: Consider where you’re going

Fragrances definitely set a tone, so being mindful of that will help identify which scents are appropriate for a specific occasion. Not every fragrance works for every occasion so consider having:

An “everyday” fragrance:

An everyday fragrance is something that is easy to wear, not too loud and compliments any moment, as well as clothing style.

The Armani beauty My Way is a perfect example for that. It’s light, fresh and easy to wear.

Price: $131

A “professional” fragrance:

A fragrance that is appropriate for work doesn’t have to be boring, let’s get that straight! It can still be a fragrance that will grab attention but it’s not overly obnoxious.

The YSL Libre is a stunning scent that has a vibrant note of lavender. This is a fragrance that is confident, slightly unisex and has a professional vibe without doing the most!

Price: $147

A “standout” fragrance:

If you want to stand out and make a statement, you need a BOLD scent! Something that will make you feel confident and is appropriate for an evening night out or even a dinner date.

Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille and Lost Cherry are examples of bolder scents because of their heavier notes. They come off a little deeper and sensual. These scents will definitely get you compliments and are also unisex!

Price: $365

Price: $375

Step 4: Consider the weather

Certain scent types perform better depending on if it’s hot or cold. Our skin also mixes differently with the scents. You should consider having:

A summer fragrance

For the warmer days, opt for a fragrance that has a fresh, lighter scent profile. Look at fragrances that are more aquatic or citrusy because they will not clash with the warm weather, and they will sit on your skin a lot better.

Chanel Chance is great for those who like a floral vibe, it is feminine and elegant.

Price: $234

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue is more of a fresh musky scent that leans to the aquatic side and smells like clean skin!

Price: $107

A winter fragrance

Now for the winter time, those fresh airy scents aren’t the best option because they don’t tend to last on a very cold day. Opt more for deeper and bolder fragrances that have warmer notes to them.

Replica by the fireplace is a staple! It’s a cozy, woody, smoky scent that literally reminds you of being in front of a campfire and it has a slight sweet tone to it. It’s a very unisex fragrance so all genders can definitely pull this off.

Price: $175

Now, if you’d like something sweeter, you can opt for gourmand fragrances which are a scent that almost smell edible.

Kayali Vanilla | 28 is a super sweet scent that is warm, deep and a little sultry!

Price: $156.00

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