High-Tech Father's Day Gift Guide

The perfect list of tech gadgets dad will absolutely love!

Father’s day is days away and if you’ve got a tech savvy dad or father figure in your life we’ve got you covered. These are a few fun new items that dad will love to try!

Ray Ban Sunglasses

The really remind me of when I was younger when I used to watch Inspector Gadget! What’s cool about these rays, is that they have two cameras in the frame. They pair to your phone, and they have speakers. Everything is right here in the shades, and they are no more expensive than a high brand pair of sunglasses.

Price: $369

Smart socks

We’re just coming out of a pandemic and we’re really concentrating on health. One of the things that we really want to concentrate on is getting back into fitness. These high-tech socks are infused with sensors that pair to a chip that pairs to your phone. The socks read your stride, your step, how much you’ve walked, and how hard you hit the ground. If Dad is a jogger or is getting into fitness and wants to track those parameters, this is the way to do it.

Price: $69

Smart Water Bottle

I know for myself in the summer I’m probably not drinking enough water. This water bottle pairs to your phone and tracks water consumption. Once you fill it up, it can test the weight of the water that’s in the bottle. Once it gets lower, the lights at the bottom will turn red to let you know that you need to refill your water. It will also remind you throughout the day when you need to drink both in the in the canister itself and to your phone. It will also then give you the data on your water consumption based on the amount of exercise that you’ve been doing.

Price: $93

Apple iPhone SE & watch combo

The iPhone SE is Apple’s most cost-effective phone but that the operating system is actually the same as the iPhone 13. You’re getting the same power for a lot less money. What’s great about this also is this is the red series which donates a portion of the of the purchase to AIDS research and now specifically AIDS research and its effect on COVID. There are also new exercise and health apps and features that come with the new Apple watch.

Price: $529 for Apple Watch Series 7

Nintendo Switch

What’s different about this is the retina display, and the new games that you can get. So, these are removable. Now what’s cool about this is that It is portable so you can take it on the go but it also pairs to the TV.

Price: $439

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