7 Body Positive Women to Follow Right Now

The use of social media is inevitable in today’s world however, we can have some control in the content and messaging we expose ourselves too.

Social media has a huge impact on how we see ourselves. Our feed influences our mindset more than you might realize. It is hard to relate to what you don’t see, this is why turning your social media experience into a positive one that represents you, is oh so healthy for your mind, body and soul. Changing what you view can truly have a positive outcome on your mindset and your social media experience! Here are 7 women you need to follow right now as they fill your feed with nurturing positivity! After all it all starts with how you see yourself! 


Spencer Barbosa

Spencer Barbosa is a 19-year-old Canadian Content Creator, Entrepreneur and Actress. You’ve probably seen her as one of the hosts of the series We Are Savvy, commercials or other TV roles such as her appearance in the TV movie Starseeker. You can also find her on platforms such as Tik Tok, Instagram and YouTube where she shares positive content encouraging her viewers to love every part of themselves and that stretch marks and cellulite is not only normal but beautiful! She expresses the fact that you don’t exist to be good looking, be yourself and continues to speak of how important self love is and owning your authenticity.


Katie Sturino



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Megababe founder and New Yorker Katie Sturino has built a business promoting positive self-image and fashion for plus-size women like her. She believes that great style can happen at any size and started the 12ishstyle.com to introduce girls like her to more size inclusive fashion and to share her tips and tricks on how to get dressed while being plus sized. Katie changed her instagram name from the 12ishstyle to her name to reflect a more inclusive message, which shifted from just clothes and how to get dressed to more of a body positive approach at any size. Katie is known for her instagram hashtag #MakeMySize where she goes to different stores and tries on the largest size available to remind companies that woman come in different sizes. 


Flaws of Couture

The Brampton, Canada native Sasha Ruddock is the woman behind Flaws of Couture a plus-sized fashion brand she created for curvy women. Though her brand stands behind supporting curvy women she is all about inclusivity and carries sizes from small all the way to 4x large! She vowed that she would create clothes for everyone after noticing there were many things she wanted to wear that just didn’t come in her size. You can catch Sasha on the gram always encouraging body positivity in all her posts. In this post she is seen rocking a bathing suit to promote her YouTube swimsuit haul, where she pushes the hashtag #AnyBodyIsASummerBody.


Neha Parulkar

Body positivity influencer Neha Parulkar has built a social platform that spreads love and inclusivity as she boldly shatters the notion that only slim is beautiful. She auditioned and got through to India’s first ever plus size fashion show at Lakme Fashion Week. The Indian model does not shy away from flaunting her curves as she continues to rep plus and proud with her message that a plus size woman can be anything and everything she wishes to be.


Simone Mariposa


The Los Angeles plus sized model, blogger, influencer, actor and motivational leader loves all things fashion, wellness, culture, travel, inspiration and body positivity. She uses her voice to speak up for the women who are spunky, vivacious, confident, fashionable plus size women who lead healthy happy lives. She continues to be a symbol of body positivity as she started the #WeWearWhatWeWant hashtag to express her love for daring fashion choices and women that do the same.


Allison Kimmey

Self love and plus size swimwear expert Allison Kimmey claims her calling is to educate, equip and empower all women to be independent, fierce, self-loving women that are ready to run their life! Her instagram is a one-stop spot for all things encouragement through a roundup of her favourite plus-size fashion and swimwear! She also shares how she raises her own children to be confident and went from a time in her life batting feeling lost and not knowing her purpose to loving herself unapologetically. Through sharing her journey with body positivity on instagram she wants to let her followers know they can achieve this happiness too! Her motto is Just Do You Babe!


Denise Mercedes

Denise Mercedes is a Dominican New Jersey born and raised influencer, plus size model and fashion blogger. She is the founder of #becauseitsmybody & #stylenotsize and on the gram you can catch her embracing every curve spreading the message that she is her own body goals and you should be your own too! Denise has collaborated with brands such as Forever21, JCPenny and Target and many more. Her #becauseitsmybody campaign is something she created to break down beauty standard barriers one at a time! She uses her platform as a voice for women of all shapes and sizes and believes that everyone is beautiful in their own way. 


By: Tianna Reno

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