Couple Outfit Ideas That are Cute not Cringe

Matching fall fashion trends you and your partner can wear!

We know that wearing matching outfits with your S.O. can be… well, cringe. THESE, however, are not.

Style experts Lily Yange and Daniel Ocean style fall fashion trends for some real-life couples.

Trend #1 – Bomber Jackets & Cargo Pants:

Cargo Pants:

  • No longer the bulky, tacky pants we’ve seen in the past – now we’re seeing them in luxe materials
    and flattering silhouettes.

Bomber Jackets:

  • They’re definitely going to be a huge outerwear trend this fall.
  • They were all over the runways and street style during Fall/Winter 2022 fashion month, with labels like Prada and Raf Simons showing their takes on this cool piece.

Leopard Bomber Jacket

Price: $330.00

Explorer Pant
Cargo Pants
Price: $150.00

Ribbed Tank Top
Tank Top
Price: $40.00

Vinyl Heels
Price: $99.90

Bomber Jacket
Price: $99.00

  • The bomber is in style every season, but the varsity jacket is a must-have this fall season. Plus, it’s available
    in every budget.

Cargo Pants
Cargo Pants
Price: $69.90

  • The cargo pant has a life beyond the hiking trip. Create a masculine, tailored workwear fit with a pair like
    these slim ones from Zara.
  • Layer with your favourite cozy hoodies or basic tees.

Laced Boots
Price: $99.90

  • This look can be topped off with almost any footwear, but we completed the workman look with a jet
    black, lace-up combat boot.

Overnighter Bag
Price: $636.00


Trend #2 – LuxeLeisure:

  • In 2022, athleisure is seen as smart, sporty, and functional fashion.
  • It’s about dressing for comfort but keeping things polished enough to go from the gym to the
    boardroom, or whatever life throws at you.

Leaf Print Shirt
Price: $59.90

Price: $49.00

Trench Coat
Trench Coat
Price: $350.00

Contrasting Sneakers
Price: $79.90

Monochrome Backpack

Price: $89.90

Price: $49.90

  •  The idea of utilizing the jogger beyond the gym or movie nights is getting more and more acceptable
    every season.
  •  The trick is to first pick a premium jogger in a tasteful earthy tone and then create a polarizing look by
    pairing it with a suit jacket.
  • It has less formal flapless pockets. It also has a lightweight, breathable
    construction which helps accomplish the look’s goal of put-together comfort.
  • Tip for fall, mix black and brown.

Textured Blazer
Price: $169.00

Slip-on Sneakers
Price: $49.90


Trend #3 – Statement Knits:

Knit Tank
Price: $149.00

  • Sweaters are obviously popular in the fall, and for 2022, we’re looking for knits that make a statement.
  • We’re seeing bold prints and colours, distressing, cut-outs, crochet and so much more.

Soft Shorts
Price: $149.50

Tortoise Button Blazer
Price: $349.00

Price: $35.90

Price: $129.00

Jacquard Sweater

Price: $59.90

  • The knit sweater for the fall season is as old as time but try having fun with embroidered graphics or
    colour blocking.

Slim Suit Pants
Price: $59.90

  • With a statement sweater, it is best to ground the look with a simple neutral-toned bottom like a slim suit trouser.
  • Despite technically being a suit pant, you can still keep the look casual and comfortable by rounding
    out the outfit with a handsome high-top.

Thick-soled Sneakers
Price: $69.90


Sandra’s Makeover:

Trench Coat
Price: $104.00

Draped Midi Dress
Price: $79.90

Embellished Vinyl Heels
Price: $99.90

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