5 Style Gadgets Designed to Make You More Comfortable

Add these amazing fashion products to your cart that will help make getting dressed easier, faster, and more comfortable.

Fashion Expert Tania Tonello shows 5 products that are much-needed in order to add those final touches to your clothing. Add these products to your cart and see how they can create multiple options out of just one item of clothing! Just one!

From shoe extenders to fabric shavers — we just found genius.

Shirt Dickie

    • A great item to have to change up your look.
    • Tuck it under a crew neck and/or v-neck to get that layered look without having to have a complete shirt underneath.


Shoe Extender

    • Does the shoe fit?
    • Make any shoe fit by creating more space in the width and length.


Fabric Shaver

    • Sweater weather is approaching and you don’t want any lint.
    • Grab the fabric shaver and clean up those sweater.
    • Make sure to do it on a flat surface!


Bodysuit Extender

    • Elongate those short body suits for all body types!
    • That Beautiful bodysuit you love but is too short simply add this extender.


Tape Dots

    • Hold accessories in place like scarves, belts, cuffs, and collars.

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