Siren Eyes vs. Doe Eyes—How to Get The Look

Create either a beautiful Doe or Siren eye look!

Do you want to achieve the doe-eye and the siren-eye looks that have been circulating the internet? Well, here are some easy steps that you can follow to excel at both.


Doe Eyes

  1. Apply matte bone shade across the lid.
  2. Apply a matte bronzer in the crease, rounding it off on the outer edges of the eyes (do not pull or wing the shadow out).
  3. Line the eyes right the way across.
  4. Use a brown shadow to first create the shape.
  5. Then go in with a liquid liner right away. You want the liner to be thin on the inner corner and gradually get thicker towards the outside of the eye. (The big trick here? Stop the liner at the end of your lashes. Do not extend the liner).
  6. Next, apply a full fluttery lash on the eyes.
  7. Then, take a nude or white pencil and swipe it in your bottom lash line. Dust a little bit of matte bronzer under the bottom lash line.
  8. Add a touch of mascara on the bottom lashes.
  9. Finish with a pop of highlighter on the inner corner of the eyes will help open them up as well!

Siren Eyes

  1. Place a little matte bronzer in the crease puts focus on elongating the eyes.
  2. Take a darker brown shadow and smoke out the outer lash line.
  3. Line only the outer eyes with a dark brown pencil, shadow or liquid liner – Keep the wing elongated and not too lifted up. The aim is a really angular shape. Imagine a
    ruler and you want to line the eyes on the outside only and then keep that line adding a little bit of an angular shape to the tear duct area as well.
  4. Pop on mascara, and place lashes (cut in half) only on the outer 3rd of the lash line.


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