4 Holiday-Chic Decor Trends to Hop on This Season

Décor trends not just for your tree, but for the entire house!

Have you been using the same holiday decorations every year? It’s completely understandable if you’re wanting something new. Plus, we love a good change-up. Interior designer Brian Gluckstein has some of the latest trends for this holiday season. More specifically, we dive into four exquisite collections—all holiday-themed (but with a unique twist). Check it out:


Holly Jolly Full Collection

  • This collection follows a more fun and colourful look with pastel colours
  • It’s whimsical if you are looking for a pop of colour for your holiday decorations


Nordic Pine Full Collection

  • This collection is more of an all-natural style
  • It is coordinated with a neutral colour scheme


First Frost Full Collection

  • This collection is all about glamour and looking elegantly pretty
  • It uses warm but subtle colours
  • And you cannot forget about sparkles


Very Merry Full Collection

  • This collection is the classic, warm holiday style
  • It is the “Canadian” version of the holidays