13 Sweet Finds for the All-Canadian Foodie

Canadian-made products for your favourite food lover!

Have you been searching high and low for the perfect gift to give to your foodie friend? Are you in need of a tasty pick-me-up to cure those winter blues? Well look no further, because lifestyle expert Pay Chen is here with 13 unique foodie finds that will have your mouth watering in no time. Better yet—all of these products are completely Canadian made!

It’s no secret that Canada is overflowing with tremendous diversity from coast to coast. Luckily, this diversity extends into the country’s food experience. Whether it’s delectable artisanal chocolates, hand-harvested kelp seasoning, or playful food-inspired accessories, there is certainly no shortage of special treats that are made right here in Canada.

Anne of Green Gables Chocolates – Charlottetown, PEI

Inspired by Prince Edward Island’s famous story of Anne Shirley, Anne of Green Gables Chocolates has specialized in crafting traditional handmade sweets since 1999. All of their chocolates are inspired by traditional recipes dating back to 1908—the period of the book itself. The chocolate shoppe strives to reflect Anne’s own playful personality through their use of creative flavours and locally-sourced ingredients.

1.Chocolate covered caramels

Price: from $7.98

As a modern take on a classic treat, these sweets combine a traditional PEI caramel recipe using COWS butter and cream, which is then smothered in rich milk chocolate. Although they should come with a warning, as these chocolate covered caramels are highly addictive.

2. Dark sea salt caramels

Price: from $7.98

Calling all dark chocolate lovers! With sweet caramel wrapped in decadent dark chocolate and sprinkled with a hint of sea salt, these dark sea salt caramels are truly the best of both worlds.


Price: $6.98

Why settle for just one treat when you could have the ultimate combination of two? This unique take on caramel corn combines the classic snack with COWS creamery butter and PEI potato chips. It’s so scrumptious that you won’t even feel guilty for eating the whole bag!

4. COWS Chocolate covered chips

Price: from $2.98

What better way to combine two of PEI’s most famous delicacies than with chocolate covered chips? These chips are bestsellers for a good reason—using PEI potatoes and chocolate made from local dairy, their salt-to-sweet ratio is absolute perfection.

5. PEI Oysters

Price: $10.98

You’ve heard of turtles, now get ready for PEI’s own take on everyone’s favourite treat… PEI Oysters! No, they don’t actually contain any seafood, but these milk chocolate oysters are jam-packed with crunchy pecans and smooth caramel, making them impossible to resist.

6. Chocolate covered lobsters

Price: $4.98

Don’t miss out on the catch of the day with these chocolate covered lobsters! This PEI favourite features red gummy lobsters smothered in the finest milk chocolate.

Naas Foods – Tofino, BC

Launched in 2022, Naas Foods is an Indigenous-led business that specializes in the sustainable harvesting of wild bull kelp. All of their kelp is hand-harvested in the pristine waters of the Clayoquot Sound using traditional methods. With its natural salty flavour, kelp flakes make an amazing low-sodium alternative to salt. Plus, they’re available in a bunch of different varieties to suit any tastes!

7. Classic kelp flakes

Price: $14.00

You can never go wrong with the classics! Naas Foods’ classic kelp flakes feature premium hand-harvested dried kelp from the Clayoquot Sound on Vancouver Island. Use it as seasoning to add delicate, salty flavours to any dish.

Blush & Honey – Fraser Valley, BC

As a small, woman-run business, Blush & Honey strives to provide its customers with mouthwatering treats made from the highest quality local ingredients. From delicious cakes to scrumptious macarons and creative cookies, everything they make is packaged with extra love!

8. Paint your own cookies

Price: $18.00

The world is your canvas with these paint your own cookie kits from Blush and Honey! Each kit includes 2 delicious canvas cookies, 1 colour palette cookie, 2 paint brushes, and 1 pipette.

État de Choc – Montréal, QC

Montréal-based État de Choc is its own metaphorical country for all chocolate lovers. As a vibrant nation and passionate chocolatier, it is founded on a culture that celebrates education, transparency, innovation, and pleasing the senses. These values shine through in their delightful selection of luxurious, award-winning chocolates.

9. Maple, miso & grilled rice dark chocolate bar

Price: $7.50

It doesn’t get anymore Canadian than maple syrup! This specialty vegan chocolate bar from État de Choc contains maple dark chocolate, grilled rice, and white miso—all packaged in the perfect treat.

10. Lemon & nougatine milk chocolate

Price: $14.00

État de Choc’s Montréal-made lemon and nougatine milk chocolate is a fan favourite for a good reason. This tastebud-tingling combination was the Canadian Gold medallist and World Silver medallist at the 2021-22 International Chocolate Awards. Clearly the experts agree it’s a winner, now its your turn to decide!

11. Corn & chilli pepper dark chocolate

Price: $13.50

Why stop with just one award-winning chocolate, when you can savour two? That’s right, this corn & chilli pepper dark chocolate has also received worldwide recognition as the Canadian Gold medallist and World Silver medallist at the 2019 International Chocolate Awards. Better yet, this one’s vegan too!

Taumbi – Montréal, QC

Taumbi is a one-of-a-kind Etsy store that specializes in crafting fun and vibrant accessories for foodies all over.  Chanelle Morales is the maker behind each of the unique designs, which range from fruit-inspired earrings to pizza-shaped studs. No matter what you’re craving, Taumbi has something for you!

12. Watermelon earrings

Price: from $20.00

These watermelon earrings bring a breath of fresh summer air, and are the ultimate quirky accessory for any food lover! Not only are they handmade out of polymer clay, but they are also made-to-order, so rest assured that your jewelry is completely unique.

Maria Ida Designs – Vancouver, BC

Specializing in vibrant hand-blown glassware, Maria Ida Designs strives to bring joy into any home. Their Etsy store is full of unique pieces with funky designs, including drinking glasses, mini vases, and nesting bowls. Whatever you choose, any of these beautiful objects are sure to bring a pop of life to your dinnerware!

13. Hand-blown glass vases

Price: from $65.00

As any true foodie knows, it’s the atmosphere that makes the food experience worthwhile. These hand-blown glass vases are truly one-of-a-kind, making them the perfect addition to anyone’s kitchen décor!