The Perfect Movie Night Watch List

Celebrating Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you have to go all out for elaborate celebrations. A cozy night in with tons of blankets, popcorn and the right show or movie can be just as special. And don’t stress on what to watch, because Teri Hart has compiled the perfect list for us. This list is versatile and not limited to just Valentine’s Day.

From rom coms to thrillers, there’s something on this list for everyone!

1. Ginny & Georgia

Ginny & Georgia is a comedy-drama show circling the lives of fifteen-year-old Ginny and her mother Georgia. The pair, along with Georgia’s son Austin, move to the fictional town of Wellsbury after the death of Georgia’s husband, hoping to put roots down after years of being on the run. The mother and daughter often butt heads due to their bold personalities. If you’re in need of a binge-worthy show, this one’s got you covered!

2. Crazy, Stupid, Love. 

This rom-com stars a stellar ensemble cast, including Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. Recently-divorced Cal Weaver meets womanizer Jacob Palmer, who teaches him how to seduce women successfully. Cal’s newfound confidence and style takes him on a journey of self discovery and love. If you’re in the mood for a good laugh, Crazy, Stupid, Love. is the way to go.

3. Thelma & Louise

Take a trip down the memory lane with this critically acclaimed movie from the 90’s. If you need a reminder on how important your friendships are, Thelma and Louise are here to save the day. The two friends take that road trip everyone dreams of embarking on with their squad. However, this road trip proves to be more of a roller coaster than a smooth sail in the second half. It takes a dark turn, and you’ll just have to turn on your TV to find out what happens next.

4. Bad Sisters 

This Irish black comedy TV series celebrates sisterhood in more sinister ways than you think. When the abusive husband of one of the five Garvey sisters dies unexpectedly, the girls find themselves in the middle of a life insurance investigation. Orphaned as children, the sisters form a deep connection with each other and have got each other’s backs. Bad Sisters is powerful in its storytelling and heavy with its themes, so tread carefully with this one!

5. How Stella Got Her Groove Back

If you’re looking for something more light-hearted, give How Stella Got Her Groove Back a chance. This 1998 rom-com stars Angela Bassett in the lead role. She plays Stella Payne, a single mother who works as a stock broker. When an impromptu vacation to Jamaica brings the very young Winston into her life, Stella has to learn how to balance the various responsibilities in her life. This movie is fun, fresh and will surely leave you wanting to book that trip to an island.

With this list, you can certainly enjoy a cozy night in with your loved ones. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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