5 Trench Coat Styles Trending for 2023

Trade in your puffer jackets for a beautiful trench coat this spring!


As the temperature starts rising and we officially enter spring, it’s time to ditch those heavyweight puffer jackets and bring out your most fashionable trench coats! If you’re in search for the perfect trench this season, stylist Janice Meredith has got you covered with these nine options.

Whether you’re officially dipping your toes into this trend or looking to upgrade your old coat, the list is diverse and endless with this one!

Classic Styles

Nobis – Ivy Ladies Tailored Trench Coat 

If you’re looking for a durable trench coat that can keep you dry in the rain, then the Ivy Ladies Tailored Trench Coat by Nobis is the one for you. With a lightweight lining that helps you stay warm, this piece is perfect for the colder rainy days.

Banana Republic – Pink Oversized Opera Coat

If you want to go for something a little more risky, this flamboyant oversized pink opera coat is going to be your new best friend. Banana Republic has come out with a more elevated twist to the classy trench coat by giving it more flair and colour!

Fairchild – The Trench Raincoat

This raincoat trench is timeless and will make for an excellent outer layer for those rainy days. Stylish yet functional, adding this to your closet will keep your dry while making you look like you just got off the runway.


2. Leather

Mackage – Gael leather


A good leather jacket should be a staple in anyone’s closet, but combining it with a trench coat makes for the ultimate must-have in your collection. This Gael leather coat from Mackage also comes in three different colours!


3. Short Length 

Uniqlo – Short Trench Coat 

If a long trench coat is not quite up your alley, take a look at this short piece from Uniqlo. Although the length is shorter, it is just as chic and effortless as a regular long coat. This piece also comes in two different colours and can be paired with a variety of outfits.


4. Statement Pieces

Hiliary Macmillian – Metallic Blue Trench Coat

If you’re all about bright colours and making a showstopping statement, then you HAVE to get this gorgeous blue metallic trench coat from Hiliary Macmillan. With details such as large blue buttons and different ways to style the belt, this one’s for the people who love a good “it” moment.

Hiliary Macmillan Beige Lace-Up Trench Coat

If you’re tired of the classic styles, give this lace-up reach coat from Hiliary Macmillan a chance. A versatile piece that will surely outlive micro-trends, this coat is for the people who appreciate fine craftsmanship and delicate details.