5 Products That Will Make Spring Cleaning Easier

Spring has officially sprung and while the outside world starts to blossom, you cannot neglect your home. Spring cleaning is a tradition most people follow. We dust, sweep and scrub every inch of our living spaces. When it comes to an activity this drastic, a simple broom doesn’t always do the trick. You’re going to want the best, most efficient tools to achieve a truly clean space.

Lifestyle expert Shoana Jensen has six spring cleaning tools to help get your house spotless and ready to welcome in the new season.


1. Hanging Air Bags

It’s time to clean and store away your winter coats. These bags allow storage on any clothes hangers, holding up to two suits securely. The airtight vacuum seal ensures minimal leakage and keeps bags compressed for a long time. Basically, keep your seasonal clothes in prime condition (in the off-season).


2. Glass Cleaning Cloths

Do your glassware have pesky fingerprints all over them? Don’t worry, because these glass cleaning cloths are here to save you. When using these cloths, you don’t need any harsh chemicals. Just soaking them in water and wiping your glassware down will do the trick. They’re perfect for a finishing, fingerprint-free touch on glassware, mirrors, light fixtures, cutlery and more. 


3. Regular Microfibre Cloths

If you’re looking for something to clean spills and messes with, give these regular microfibre cloths a try. They’re slightly fluffy and truly the perfect size to clean messes of all kinds. (Tip: You can never really have enough of these.)


3. Flat Mop

To clean and maintain shower walls or other surfaces, a flat mop does the trick! The mop head turns 360 degrees —  so when cleaning a tricky spot, such as the crevices of the shower wall, this tool can really go in there and turn them spotless. You can also remove, wash and reuse the cleaning pad!


4. Dust Mop

This dust mop is a (very) popular cleaning tool in Europe. If your house has hard flooring, do yourself a favour and get this one. This mop can pick up dust, hair, allergens and more. They’re also much easier than sweeping on a daily basis.  


5. Dish Cloth

Of course, you can use the dish cloth you normally use… or you can get the best dish cloth in the game. This product combines a sponge and a regular dish cloth to make the best of both worlds (and it really is!). It’s super absorbent, machine washable and can clean both kitchen and bath surfaces.