9 Products for Packing the Perfect Summer Picnic

Packing for a picnic can be challenging. From choosing the right cooler that keeps your food cold all day, to containers that won’t leak, Shoana Jensen has curated a list of 9 of the best products to help you pack and store food and drinks for the perfect summer picnic.



YETI Hopper Flip 18 Portable Cooler

YETI CA Hopper Flip 18 Portable Soft Cooler

Price: $400.00

This 100% leakproof soft-shelled cooler is waterproof and rip-resistant, so it will withstand the outdoors! With enough room for 16 cans, or 20lbs of ice, this cooler will fit your drinks and snacks to last your entire trip. The shoulder strap and top handle make this cooler convenient to transport from the car to the picnic spot!


YETI Roadie 24 Cooler

Price: $350.00

This hard-shelled cooler fits 18 cans, or 24lbs of ice, and is tall enough to fit a standing bottle of wine! The durable carry handle, strong quicklatches, and non-slip feet make it easy to transport and carry.


Lee Valley Souper Cubes 

EV817 - Souper Cubes, 2 Cup

Price: $24.90-29.90

These souper cubes aren’t just convenient for creating frozen soups and ice, but also act as a great food container for travel! With divided sections, you can pack a meal with different components, or pack a snack for the kids for the drive to your destination!


Ikea Korken Clamp Lid Jar

KORKEN Jar with lid, clear glass, 34 oz

Price: $4.99

Pack your salads, snacks, and fruit in these resealable clamp lid jars that preserve the freshness of your food and help reduce food waste during your picnic.


Ikea Korken Drink Jug

KORKEN Bottle with stopper, clear glass, 34 oz

Price: $3.99

This bottle is great for transporting drinks to your picnic with the airtight stopper that won’t leak on your trip over to the park.


Ikea Korken Wide Neck Drink Jug

KORKEN Bottle shaped jar with lid, clear glass, 47 oz

Price: $5.99

These wide neck bottles are perfect for transporting liquids for your picnic. The wide neck is great for adding fruit to water or sangria!


Ziploc Endurables Reusable Bags

Price: $12.97

Available in 3 different sizes, these reusable silicone Ziploc bags can store liquids and solids and can hold up to 2 cups. These bags are also great to use at home in the fridge, freezer, and up to 425°F in the oven!


Biodegradable Paper Cups

Price: $20.99

Say “goodbye” to disposable plastic cups forever with these eco-friendly, composable, and biodegradable paper cups! Made from high-quality materials, these cups won’t absorb your hot or cold drinks.


Reusable Cutlery Set 

Price: $11.99

Avoid the hassle of disposable cutlery at your picnic with this portable and reusable cutlery set! Store the fork, knife, spoon, and chopsticks in the carry case for easy storage and clean-up.