We Tested 4 Viral Food-Saving Containers — Here's What We Found

The average Canadian family is going to spend an extra $2,700 on groceries and out of that, we’re going to throw out $1,700. Food saving is important and can help people and families stay within budget. Investing in some good quality food storage containers can actually help you reduce your grocery bill in the long run.

Tech expert Lisa Chang and lifestyle expert Amanda Muse tried a few containers so your berries will stop going bad! They tested factors like air-tight locks, size, weight, and if it’s easy to wash and store. “Two and half weeks ago I bought these berries, and they’re still new.”


Rubbermaid Brilliance Containers

Price: $15.73

These intelligently designed Rubbermaid Brilliance Containers are guaranteed not to leak. They are BPA-free, stain and odor resistant, and are easy to stack in the fridge or cupboard.

PROS: Air-tight latches, clean/modern design, stackable for easy fridge storage.

CONS: Scratches easily, water spots from the dishwasher, may not be freezer crack-proof.


Stasher Stand-Up Mega Bag

Price: $27.99

The Stasher Stand-Up Mega Bag is perfect for meal prep and storing leftovers. Made with food-grade platinum silicon, and designed with a PinchLoc seal, these reusable bags are dishwasher-safe, leakproof and can stand up on their own.

PROS: Reusable, reduces plastic waste, locks easily.

CONS: Narrow opening, expensive, hard to open, may not be suitable for liquids, difficult to wash.


Zwilling Fresh and Save System – Plastic

Price: $205.00

Zwilling Fresh and Save System – Glass

Price: $205.00

The Zwilling Fresh and Save system comes in glass or plastic reusable materials. Each set contains 4 reusable plastic bags (2 small, 2 medium), 1 medium container, 1 large container, and a rechargeable vacuum pump.

PROS: Keeps produce fresher 5X longer, portable and convenient vacuum, reusable materials.

CONS: Not portable as lunch containers, heavy, expensive initial investment.