6 ways to shed summer weight gain

Did you put on a few pounds this summer? Dr. Joey Shulman breaks down her key steps to help you get rid of that excess weight!

If you have gained weight over the summer months, you are not alone. With vacations, patio dining, BBQ’s and weddings, summertime is often the season when many pack on an extra 5-10 unwanted pounds.

The good news: the tips below will help you get rid of excess weight fast. Simply implement the steps below and you will begin to quickly burn belly fat and get your body ready to fit into your favourite pair of jeans.

Pick a schedule of eating and stick to it
My weight loss clients that are “creatures of habit” tend to do best when starting to lose weight. In other words, in the first month or so of weight loss, I encourage clients to keep their meals and snacks fairly simple and routine. By doing so, you will balance your blood sugars and hormones, avoid hunger, and can easily fit weight loss into any busy schedule.  In the first month, my goal is to take the “thinking out of eating” and stay on track. For a basic outline of my weight loss program, click here.

Make sure your breakfast is big enough
Research is very clear  – breakfast skippers gain more weight. Whether you have a protein smoothie, a yogurt parfait, or whole grain toast and eggs, breakfast really is the most important meal of the day for weight loss.

Eat dinner until you are sufficiently sufficed, not stuffed
At the end of a busy day, it is very common to crave starchy and heavier foods to fill you up. This is especially true as cooler weather starts to approach. Foods such as rice, pasta and potatoes help calm your system and fill your belly. Unfortunately, eating heavier grainy and starchy foods in the evening is a major contributor to weight gain. At dinnertime, it is important to fill up on a sufficient amount of protein (5-7 ounces), vegetables (as much as you like) and the good type of fat (avocados, healthy oils, nuts etc.). Keep grainy foods for breakfast or lunch options.

Drink a minimum of 2 litres of water per day
In order to flush your system, lose weight, and optimize digestion – the body needs a minimum of 2 litres of water per day. Remember: herbal tea counts as water!

Avoid eating a “mini dinner” before dinner
When I first get my clients to journal what they are eating – many are having a “mini meal” of cheese, crackers and other quick grab and go options prior to dinnertime. They are literally consuming 4-500 calories before sitting down to another meal! In order to avoid this unhealthy habit – plan a 4pm snack that you will love.  My afternoon snack is often the time when I have a healthy bar and a cup of green tea. This way, entering the dinner hour grain free is no big deal.

Do not go hungry
Hunger is a fool proof way to blow your “diet.” If you have watched any of our Cityline weight loss challenges, you know I am all about making healthy eating a shift, not a overly restrictive temporary approach.  Diets that are too low in calories, too high in protein, or too restrictive or difficult to follow will not produce permanent results. The dietary approach that you select to lose weight should be one you can see yourself following a version of for 5 years or longer.

If you have any weight loss or nutrition questions – I would love to hear from you! Simply e-mail me at drjoey@drjoey.com

Courtesy of: Dr. Joey Shulman

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