Chicken tikka lettuce wraps with tamarind glaze

This chicken tikka lettuce wrap is action packed with an assortment of flavours!

15 min
50 min


Chicken Tikka Lettuce Wrap with Tamarind Glaze, Grilled Pear, Mint Sauce & Crispy Sev


Mint Sauce


  1. Combine all chicken tikka ingredients in a bowl and massage gently into chicken, marinate overnight for best results. Remove chicken from fridge at least 30-45 minutes prior to cooking to allow it to come to room temperature
  2. Use the BBQ or a grill pan on high heat, oil or use a non stick cooking spray before placing down chicken
  3. Sear chicken and flip once a dark golden brown colour is achieved, flip and reduce heat to allow chicken to fully cook through without burning. Quarter the pear vertically and remove core
  4. Slice into 1/3 inch slices and grill until colour is achieved on one side then remove fro heat source and slice into desired pieces
  5. Combine mint sauce ingredients in a blender and blend well, store in fridge
  6. Assemble lettuce wraps by placing down chicken, mint sauce, tamarind glaze, grilled pear and crispy sev.