Local oysters with Bloody Mary ice

Seafood night, done right.

6 cups

Prince Edward Island oysters are legendary. At the Inn at Bay Fortune they’re an edible connection to the sea around us, to our fisherman, our bay and the bounty of our feast. “Slurp all ya like, we’re not keeping score!” In our Oyster Bar guests hear the legendary call and put us to the test daily. They also hear a lot of sass as our passionate shuckers rally the crowd while opening more than five hundred of our favourite shellfish every night. Each season, year after year, we shuck and slurp more local oysters than ever before, every single one served this way. Icy cold, on-the-half-shell, freshly shucked in front of your eyes, topped with our famous frozen ice. Grown-up slushie on an impeccably fresh oyster served with love and laughter? That’s as close to perfection as we get. Easy at home too. I keep a bottle of ice in the freezer on standby for an oyster party!



Make the Frozen Bloody Mary Ice.
1. In a blender or food processor, purée the tomatoes, vodka, sugar, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, lemon zest and juice, and salt.

2. Pour into 2 standard 500mL mason jars with lids. Cover tightly and freeze. It will stay fresh for months and you can refreeze leftovers.

Shuck the Oysters.
When the party begins gather your fellow shuckers and carefully get to work. Think “key in the lock,” not “lever” Your knife works best when you twist it in the hinge of the oyster shell. Levering invariably breaks the shell. The liquor (the briny liquid) in the oyster is delicious and precious. Try not to spill even a single drop. On a festive platter steady the shucked oysters as you go by alternating upside-down empty top shells with fully laden bottoms. Just before serving, top each oyster with a chilly dollop of the frozen Bloody Mary ice. Shuck, slurp, chew and swallow!

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