Hot cocoa bombs

The dessert trend taking social media by storm.

Silicone sphere mold



  1. In a metal bowl, melt chocolate over a Bain-Marie.
  2. Spoon chocolate into moulds. Fill each mould around 1/3 of the way – any more than this will result in too thick of a shell.
  3. Using a brush or any straight-edged tool spread the chocolate evenly into the mould.
  4. Pop into the freezer for 10 minutes and moulded chocolate spheres will pop right out.
  5. Fill one half of the full sphere half-way with hot cocoa, favourite toppings, and lots of marshmallows.
  6. Using a heated plate, heat the top half of the sphere around the edges, and then pop it on top of the filled half.
  7. Voila! Cocoa bombs are ready. Pop the bomb into a large mug and top with the desired amount of really hot milk. Enjoy!

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