Maple syrup sugar pie

Chef Randy Feltis shows you how to make the sweetest sugar pie, no one can resist!



Set oven to 385 degrees.

In a medium mixing bowl, whisk eggs, cornstarch, flour and butter. Add maple syrup, pinch of salt and cream.

Roll out pie dough and place in a heavily greased pie pan. Trim the edges and fill with maple mixture. Bake at 385 for 30-40 minutes depending on heat distribution. Pie should have a little jiggle when done. Remove and let rest for 1 hour before serving. Chill if it’s a little soft, garnish with favourite ice cream and more maple syrup!!!

Serves 10

Prep time 10 minutes

Chill time 1 hour

Cook time 30-40 min

Special tools 10 inch pie pan.

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