At-home s'mores buffet bar

Nothing says summer like s'mores! Kick off summer with your own, DIY s'mores buffet bar.

10 min
13 min

Randy’s top s’mores bar picks

  1. The simple milk chocolate-covered biscuits with toasted marshmallow
  2. Old school honey wafers mint chocolate marshmallow
  3. Snap crackle pop. Rice crispy squares with chocolate and marshmallows
  4. The Rainbow, M&M cookies with peanut butter cup and marshmallow
  5. The salty back; ruffles dark chocolate marshmallow
  6. Oreo separate add marshmallow
  7. Add some ‘OMG’ and top with crispy bacon to any of the above


  1. Pick a base and add chocolate.
  2. With a roasting stick, toast marshmallow over open flam softly. Or not if you like the charred taste.
  3. Carefully remove toasted marshmallow with a top and bottom base.
  4. Now the hard part. Hold for 1 minute and melt the chocolate.

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