The perfect chocolate chip cookies...for you!

Everyone likes their cookies differently - and that's okay!

Everyone has cookie opinions – from favourite recipes to favourite textures! No matter your preference, Jyoti Nanra has the secret to baking cookies that are just right for you. What’s her secret? Changing some of your ingredients can make a big difference in texture! Here’s a guide to the perfect chocolate chip cookies:

The Classic Recipe:

You can find everything in your pantry: All-purpose flour, all brown sugar, and lots of chocolate chips.

Variation 1: The Brown Butter and Baking Soda

“It gives it more depth and flavour, and the longer you let it rest… it matures, the flavours just marry each other, the cookies keep the taste –  it is literally chef’s kiss!”

Tip: all the brown stuff at the bottom of your pan is the flavour, don’t throw it out!

Variation 2: Brown Butter, Baking Powder and Egg Yolk

The egg yolk gives an added richness: you’ll end up with a cookie that is less caramelized, but much softer! A super chewy cookie.

Tip: To substitute baking powder for baking soda, double your baking soda measurement!

Variation 3: White Sugar and Cake Flour

This cookie will be tender, a little less chewy, and much more cakey.