Bulgogi tofu tostada

Try this super flavorful vegetarian take on an usually classic beef dish!

8 tostadas


Tomato & Corn Salsa


Toppings and Garnishes


  1. Slice tofu on a bias and place in marinating bowl. Add all bulgogi marinade ingredients into bowl
    and mix thoroughly. Cover and marinate overnight for best results
  2. In a bowl fold coconut yogurt with juice of half lime. Salt and pepper to personal taste. Refrigerate.
  3. In a small pot on high heat, add high heat and fry tortillas until crisp and golden brown. Lay on lined pan to drain and salt. This step can be done in advance.
  4. Dice tomatoes and remove seeds and excess tomato water. Add corn, onions, jalapeno and cilantro with tomatoes in a bowl and mix thoroughly. Add oil, salt and pepper. Refrigerate, drain before serving.
  5. Peel and seed avocado. Cut into even thin slices, yielding 8 slices per half (16 total). In a saucepan, bring to medium high. Add oil to the pan and when at optimum temperature, cook bulgogi tofu until done. Tofu should only take a minute or so per side. Take off of heat and strain meat from excess sauce.

Building the tostada

  1. On fried tortilla, add iceberg lettuce first then adding two slices of avocado. Next, add small
    amounts of kimchi on top followed by the bulgogi. With a squeeze bottle, drizzle crema on top followed by garnishing with green onions, sesame
    seeds and crumbled cheese. Hand torn sprigs of cilantro garnish on top.

Best served with lime wedges and sliced radishes.