Fast-cooked pulled pork

A quick version of delicious pulled pork.



  1. Cut the pork shoulder into 3 even pieces; Rub the meat with the black pepper, sumac, cumin and salt. Sprinkle the chopped onion in the bottom of the pressure cooker, followed by the water and then place the spice rubbed pork on top.
  2.  Pour the chipotle and barbeque over the pork. Seal the lid and cook on high for approximately 45 minutes. Then turn of the heat and allow the pressure cooker to cool and release the steal naturally.
  3. Once cooled remove the lid and inside you will have a flavourful and tender pieces of pork. Using a fork you can flake down the pulled pork right in the pot.
  4. Taste so see if it needs additional seasoning and barbeque sauce. Then serve.

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