Kimchi and Asian pear infused grilled cheese

A classic grilled cheese - with a tasty twist!




  1. Fold gojujang into ketchup, leave aside, this is your dipping sauce.
  2. Mix in julienned pear with kimchi. Mix butter with sriracha until fully blended. With a small brush or spoon, spread Sriracha butter on to one side of all pieces of sliced bread.
  3. On a hot pan, sear butter side down, two slices at a time, turning heat down to a medium. Layer cheese and then then kimchi onto dry side. Add other two slices of bread, butter side up. With a spatula, carefully flip over sandwiches one at a time and sear to slightly crisp from centre out to the crusts evenly on both sides. Once both sides are near cooked, turn off the heat and cover pan and set off the heat to allow for bread to bind.
  4. Cut in diagonal halves. Serve with gojujang ketchup.