Cook your way through the hottest foodie trends!

The 100-layer lasagna, oozing egg sandwiches, and smurf veggies — Cook your way through the hottest Instagram-worthy foodie trends!    
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Check out La Palma Toronto

Try out Massimo's Stuffed Ground Chicken Ball Recipe Here!


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Instagram: @chefrandyf


Check out Eva's Original Chimney's & The Burger's Priest


Try out Randy's Cheddar Soufflé Here!


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Instagram: @ricardocuisine


Check out Montreal Plaza


Try out Ricardo's Sweet Poutine Recipe Here!

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Instagram: @paychen


Steak sandwich and s’mores pancakes from Lisa Marie Main

Armadillo egg pizza from Descendant Detroit Style Pizza

Crepe cakes & Japanese cheesecakes from Millie Desserts

Mochi, chiffon cake, Sakura Mont Blanc from Little Pebbles

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