The cutest children's spring fashion trends!

The cutest children's spring fashion trends, managing stress during your most trying times, and boosting your warm weather workout routine.
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Create a workout outfit that empowers and inspires you!


At all price points, you can ensure you purchase your workout wear based on your workouts. Take the time to pieces that are meant for a specific activity to get the most function out of the piece.

Even your topper can take your workout wear to the street without being exposed.


Yoga - Things to look for
1. Sweat wicking
2. Fitted top so the top moves with you comfortably through your movements
3. Significant stretch ability with no thinning out in the fabric
4. Need layers to work with the before and after


Running - Things to look for
1. Sweat wicking and quick drying
2. Support and compression to stay in place during movements
3. Multi function for extra gear storage
4. Supportive bra that comes up higher with separated cups to keep things snug and happy         and a bra clasp in the back to find the best fit.
5. A top is high in the front.


Spinning - Things to look for
1. Sweat wicking
2. Sports bra with adjustable straps and band to provide optimum support
3. Quality stretch 2 ply fabric with abrasion resistance and doesn’t thin.
4. High waisted pants for coverage when spinning


Products and Services
Products and Services

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Simple exercises you can do at home

5 Moves you With a bench or hair
1. Kick backs
2. Step ups ( works quads and glutes)
3. Mountain Climbers to push-ups (work arms, get the heart rate up)
4. Dips (triceps)
5. Plank with knee tuck and twist (core)

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