Delicious grilled ribs with a honey bourbon sauce!

Delicious grilled ribs with a honey bourbon sauce, the dish washing hacks you had no idea existed, and your guide to putting up wallpaper!
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  1. Remember these basic rules first.
  • Pre-rinse dishes if they're going to sit in the machine all day.
  • Secure all plastics. If you don't, blasts of water may cause these pieces to flip over, fall onto the heating element and melt.
  • Never stack items. The water spray won't be able to reach.


  1. Load the bottom rack strategically.
  • Load plates and bowls so that the dirty side faces the water spray. Pots, pans and casseroles should angle down.
  • Watch out for utensils with long, thin handles. They might slip through the rack and prevent the spray arm from spinning freely.
  • Tuck flat pans and platters along the sides and back of the rack.
  • Make sure the forks and spoons don't nest together.
  • Always separate your stainless steel and silver (or silver-plated) flatware. If the two types touch in the wash, a reaction may occur and the silver could pit.


  1. Cups go in the top rack.
  • Place glasses and mugs between the tines — never on top.
  • Angle cups as much as the rack design will allow to keep water from pooling on the base of the upside-down cups.
  • Arrange wine glasses carefully. To help prevent breakage, don't let them bump against one another or the top of the dishwasher.


  1. Don't stock up on too much detergent.

Powders, liquids and packets can all clean well.

Buy only what you can use up within two months.

Always store it in a cool, dry spot.

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