Affordable looks hot off the runways… and into your wardrobe!

Hot off the runways… and into your wardrobe! Jessica Mulroney has Spring’s fiercest fashion trends. Then -- Don’t pack your bags until you see Bahar Niramwalla's best beauty essentials for your travels! Plus, kick off your winter boots and step into Spring! From strappy to see-through, we’ve got the trends to take you through the Summer.
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Affordable runway looks


Spring shoe trends:




Products and Services


Instead of multiple makeup bags

Circular Makeup bags


Try out a skin care brand by purchasing their miniature kits!

Laneige hydrating trial kit




Hydrating facial mist
In-flight: check
In hotel room: check
Out & about: check


Fragrance AND Breath Freshener

Fill a mini container with your perfume to ease up on baggage weight


Fill up a container with mouth wash to keep in the plane with you, when it's time to freshen up quick!


Sleep Masks

Use a cotton silk sleep mask if you are set on catching some zzz's




No more hotel bathroom horror lighting

Glamcor Riki travel friendly mirrors with lights


Refuse to deal with hair colour

Garnier root touch up to cover grey hairs within 3 minutes so you can ENJOY VACATION!


Skip the flimsy hotel shower caps

Bring your own sturdy (and BEAUTIFUL) shower caps

Products and Services

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Hi Cityline: I watch your show almost every day…today was the first time I really didn’t agree with something said on the segment with Bahar…PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not tell people to spray themselves with perfume when sharing space with many others on a plane…quite a few of those people may have scent allergies and when you spray yourself you spray their air supply and space too…I cannot tell you how miserable it makes others to have to sit hear someone who is wearing scent for an entire flight…please be more thoughtful…you do not need to smell like perfume to have a good flight.
Thank you.

March 15, 2019 at 9:42 am
    Cassandra Juradinho

    Hi Hazel! We appreciate your feedback and will relay the info. Thanks so much for watching Cityline!

    March 19, 2019 at 5:17 pm

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