Breaking down the diets that are actually worth the buzz

Health or hype? Andrea Donsky’s breaking down the diets that are actually worth all the buzz – and the ones that just aren’t worth your time. Plus, the fitness craze that’ll really make you sweat! The workout you can do from home, that’s all the rage in Hollywood. And later, hit the reset button with this simple detox. Joy McCarthy has the simple steps to get this year off to a healthy start.
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Joy McCarthy's 2-Day Meal Plan

DAY #1
Breakfast: Avocado toast with sauerkraut, tomato, garlic, hemp hearts
Snack: Apple, almond butter sammy
Lunch: Superfood bowl: roasted chickpeas, red onion, cherry tomatoes, dill, romaine or kale, EVOO lemon dressing
Dinner: zoodles with a tempeh bolognese sauce

DAY #2
Breakfast: Green Smoothie with a raw ball
Snack: Bone broth
Lunch: Superfood bowl: canned tuna with green beans, sweet potatoes etc
Dinner: Roast chicken with sweet potato wedges


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