Simple no-cook recipes for the dog days of summer

Simple no-cook recipes for the dog days of summer, what are transferrable skills and how many do you have? Plus, updating your weekend wardrobe for the summer.
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Outfit 1:
Top - Ann Taylor
Shorts - Ann Taylor
Shoes - Ann Taylor, Banana Republic

Outfit 2:
Top - Ann Taylor
Pants - Nordstrom
Shoes - Banana Republic
Bag - Nordstrom

Outfit 3:
Dress - Banana Republic
Hat - Nordstrom
Belt - Banana Republic
Shoes - Banana Republic

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Naturopathic Doctor

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Being in Nature will Enhance Your Health by:

Lowering your blood pressure
Decreasing your cortisol levels.
Improving your levels of Vitamin D.
Enhancing your Immunity
Improving your Sleep
Improving your Creativity and Problem Solving ability.


TRX Outdoor Training:


1. Make sure you are attaching the TRX to a VERY sturdy structure.
2. Do the movement as slow as possible the first time you try it, to get the movement pattern correct.
3. Put even pressure on both sides of the TRX.
4. Be aware of the surface beneath your TRX. Soft and non-slip are best.


Great TRX exercises:

Side Hop with Curtsy Squat
Hamstring Curls

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