Get full sized style, without compromising space!

We’re BREAKING the outdated rules of decorating small rooms. Shai shows us how to get full sized style, without compromising space. Plus, Tamara’s bringing modern nursery room ideas, that will grow with the baby. Then, dark colored rooms don't have to feel like a cave. Sharon creates a moody room, that has plenty of life. And later, the one thing you must know BEFORE you buy any new furniture.
Products and Services

Tracy’s clothing provided by Freda's
Tracy’s shoes provided by Town Shoes

Products and Services

Shai's fabric segment:

Furniture from


Products and Services

Moody Hues - wall colour: Artichoke 2141-10


Elte Mkt


Pretty in Pale - wall colour: Balboa Mist OC 27


Elte Mkt

Products and Services

Tamara's nursery segment:

Wall: Wispy Pink 2005-70


Removable wallpaper, furniture and accessories


Tamara's trend segment:

Wall colour: Nickel 2119-50

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