How to serve up your favourite delivery dishes at home!

Satisfy those takeout cravings with a homemade meal. The 3 Chefs show you how to serve up your favourite delivery dishes at home! Pro tips for making the perfect pizza from crust to toppings! Then, a healthy Mediterranean style dinner without the hassle! Simple pork souvlaki and Greek salad. Plus, a recipe you can’t mess up! Massimo’s Asian beef with black bean sauce beats take-out any time!
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Must Have Sauces in the Chinese Pantry


These are the most important sauces to have in the pantry for the preparation of most common Chinese dishes.


  1. Light Soy Sauce
  2. Dark Soy Sauce
  3. Mushroom Flavored Soy Sauce
  4. Hoisin Sauce
  5. Oyster Sauce
  6. Sesame Oil
  7. Rice Vinegar
  8. Rice Wine (Shaoxing)

Other Items to stock:

  1. Sambal Oelek
  2. Sweet Chili Sauce
  3. Black Beans
  4. White Pepper
  5. Corn Starch
  6. Rock Sugar
  7. Dry Mushrooms
  8. Dry Chilis
  9. Sesame Seeds
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