Kicking off the Holiday Haul!

We’re counting down the holidays and kicking off our Holiday Haul! You won’t believe the prizes! Never peel another potato again! Jason Parsons kicks kitchen prep to the curb and cuts down your peeling, chopping and cooking time. Plus, the secrets for choosing the perfect live Christmas tree! What to look for and which ones to avoid. And, don’t stress trying to find that perfect stocking stuffer. Must have gifts for under 20 dollars.
Products and Services

All stockings & stocking stuffers from Homesense, Winners, and Marshalls

Products and Services

Live trees provided by Sheridan Nurseries.
Charlie Brown and Grinch tree provided by Bradford Greenhouses Garden Gallery.

Products and Services

Google Home Mini, Belkin Chargin Pad, and Chamberlain MyQ Smart Garage Hub from Best Buy. Amazon Kindle Paperwhite.

Eyeglass Cleaner, and Wand UV Sanitizer from Amazon.

3D Leap-Start from Leapfrog.

iPad Pro from Apple.

Hue Play from Phillips.

Tech Shoes from AllBirds.

Google Pixel & accessories from Google.

Products and Services

Breville Chop & Peel from

Ninja Blender from

Kuraidori Sous Vide from

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