It’s our Canada day celebration with Sarah Gunn and Chef Matt Dean Pettit!

It’s our Canada day celebration! Sarah Gunn sets the stage with the ultimate backyard party! Then, lobster rolls, done right! Chef Matt Dean Pettit shows you how to make this traditional dish, the right way! Plus, get crafty with these festive, and fun D.I.Y’S!
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Night table:

  1. Clean and sand drawers... please use a dust mask and eye safety
  2. Paint drawers, be sure to use a spray paint that is made for covering metal
  3. Cut and sand wood... 4 legs and 2 flat squares for top and bottom of drawer
  4. Paint and stain wood
  5. Attach legs to bottom of drawer... quick demo as to how this is done
  6. Silicone wood to drawers... silicone is not just for counter tops and bathtubs


Products and Services

Night table:

  1. Clean and sand with texture sponge
  2. Spray primer – 1 coat
  3. Spray 2 coats of white matte paint
  4. 2 pieces of glass prepared by professionals
  5. Arrange flowers, shells or other sentimental items between glass
  6. Use silicone or gel cushions to keep glass in place

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