The science of packing the perfect suitcase!

The science of packing the perfect suitcase. Shoana puts the techniques to the test -- and crowns a winner! Plus, do you have an over-packing problem? Consider today your first step to recovery. Then, crack the coconut code in the kitchen — how to add this tropical taste to your favourite dishes. Plus, your budget solution to old-school bathroom tiles! The D-I-Y project that tackles tacky design in a single weekend.
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Tracy’s clothing provided by Freda's.
Tracy’s shoes provided by Town Shoes

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La Vie en Rose
Bras & Panties
Sleep Romper
Shoes & Bags
Curling Iron

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Home Depot
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Tub & Tile Refinishing Kit

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  1. How to buy / store a coconut - the regular brown nut coconuts and the newer /trendy young Thai coconuts.
  2. Discuss and show Tracy how to open a coconut using a few house hold items (knife, and or hammer/screw driver).
  3. Walk her through coconut waters and milk to discuss a few uses and their benefits.
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All Credit Education Week events can be found at, including information about an exciting interactive pop-up Mindfulness Oasis that Capital One is hosting from Nov. 7-11 at Woodbine Mall in Toronto that is open to the public.


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