We're celebrating the harvest with Oktoberfest!

From pretzel bites to fondue, Chef Matt Dean Pettit shows us how to celebrate the harvest, German-style! And we’re raising a glass to seasonal brews with The Beer Sisters! Then, Sarah Gunn has super-stealthy furniture for your storage starved home! Plus, Bahar Niremwalla is taking a deep dive into cleaning your makeup brushes.
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Today's episode clips:

Your complete Oktoberfest party snack spread

Your complete guide to Oktoberfest beer options

8 furniture pieces that have brilliant secret functions

5 makeup brushes you actually need

An Oktoberfest macaroni and cheese spätzle

How to assemble 3 (faux or real) Fall table arrangements

FUN FACTS – Oktoberfest in Germany

Sept 21 to October 6th

  • 6 official breweries all in Munich are the only ones invited to participate in Oktoberfest
  • Authentic Germany Lagers : Paulaner, Spaten, Augustiner
  • Octoberfest begins with a tap a keg of Weisbier to open the festivities on Sept 21st
  • 9 to 6.4% must be brewed to a higher alcohol content than a normal lager
  • 120,000 people in 17 beer tents

If you can’t find the German beers, there are German-style beers made in your city / town – look for Helles, German Pilsners and Hefeweizens

Products and Services
Products and Services

Green Ottoman
Desk lamp with cell charger


Cutting board
ChalkBoard pull out desk from wall


Chair that folds out to be a twin bed


Floral Ottoman
Blue sofa
Small Ottomans with shoe storage


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