Creating the digital room of your dreams. 

Creating the digital room of your dreams. Whether you want to step UP your tech game…or wind DOWN. Then, giving vintage pieces new life. Sharon has the flea market DIYs that are well worth the effort. Plus, faking big impact. The décor switches you can make today under fifty dollars.
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Paint colours:
Oyster Shell, Tropical Dust
Kensington Blue


Furniture and accessories

Products and Services




Sharon's upcycling flea market finds segment
Back panel of cabinet: Stratton Blue HC 142
Cabinet frame: White Down OC 17
Wall (upper third): Balboa Mist OC 27
Wall (bottom two thirds): Ansonia Peach HC 52
Cabinet: Jet Black 2120-10
Chair: Schooner AF 520
Panelled wall and "Drawer" shelves
Decorator White CC 20


Sharon's floor segment
Floor stencil Decorators White and Van Deusen Blue
Wall: Blue Grass


Benjamin Moore
Cutting Edge Stencils
Pro Glo Paints Furniture Refinishing

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