Sharon Grech has the intel on 2020’s COOLEST colours.

Designer Suzanne Dimma shows how some décor “rules” can and SHOULD be broken. Then, Sharon Grech has the intel on 2020’s COOLEST colours. Plus, Should these trends STAY or should they go AWAY?
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Art: Canvas Gallery

Colour of the year set:
Furniture: Home Societe
Paint: Benjamin Moore
First Light - 2102-70

2020 Benjamin Moore Trend Colours:
First Light 2102-70
Thunder AF-685
Crystalline AF-485
Cushing Green HC-125
Windmill Wings 2067-60
Oxford Gray 2128-40
Buxton Blue HC-149
Blue Danube 2062-30
White Heron OC-57
Golden Straw 2152-50
Background colour:
Metropolitan AF-690

Products and Services

Less is more:

Set A:
Bureau - Cocoon
Light fixture - Ikea
Art - PI fine art

Set B:
Table, light
Elte Mkt
Art: PI Fine Art
Faux brick
Century Architexture

Breaking the rules:

Set A - Low art with dog dishes
Dog Bowls - Amazon
Shelves - Ikea
Set B - bedside table - also low art - about relating the art to the furniture
Table - Elte Mkt
Lamp - Elte
Thibaut Wallpaper 

available at Primavera Furnishings


Products and Services

Homesense (velvet product, jewel tone product)
Bar stool: Ikea
Fabrics, ottoman + pillows: Tonic Living
Fabrics: Y&Co
Wallpaper: Graham & Brown
Tile samples: Ciot

Delta Light
Dark Tools
Light you wave at to switch on/off/dim - Amazon

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