The Cityline fall kitchen party kickoff comes to Ontario.

Hosted by Tracy Moore. The Cityline fall kitchen party kickoff comes to Ontario. Special guest Jully Black swaps singing for cooking as she presents our delicious Daily Dish. Michaella Shannon brings us the indigenous accessory designs you'll want to own this Fall. Sarah Gunn's  extending summer vibes well into fall, while financial expert Bruce Sellery brings us a September money reset. Plus, Monique Taylor Yee Shui is helping cushion the blow of fall with a seasonal D.I.Y. pillow.
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Jully is national spokesperson for the 2020 Canadian Cancer Society 'Run For The Cure'. Jully's father -Lloyd- is a breast cancer survivor and her mother -Agatha- fought pancreatic cancer with titan strength, with Jully by her side every step of the way.
The cookie I am making is one that I use to fuel my workouts and one that I share with my Dad who beat breast cancer. This year I signed on to bring awareness to the run for the Cure in hopes to bring awareness to being proactively healthy and To be one of the few black female faces to publicly inspire my community to not sit back and ignore signs. 75 Canadians are diagnosed with breast cancer every day. That’s insane!

I started to go deeper into health and wellness over Covid and I’m now in the best health of my life and helping 716+ Women and girls take control of their health one cookie at a time through my 100 strong and sexy platform.



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