The thrifty person’s guide to saving money in the kitchen!

The thrifty person’s guide to saving money in the kitchen. Randy’s got the secrets to saving BIG on your grocery bill! Then, the art of shopping the bulk store and actually getting a deal. Christian Dare has your strategies for spending less on bulk purchases. Plus, fashionable fixes for inexpensive clothing! And, how to get designer décor at no cost!
Products and Services
Products and Services



Household Paper Items:

Toilet Paper (bad idea) cheaper when on sale at places

Pack of 8 $0.49 a roll

BULK - Pack of 40 – 2 ply - $0.62 roll

BULK Facial Tissues $1.33 a box

Not in bulk $0.89



Laundry Detergent (bad idea and good idea) cheaper other places.

Bulk - Tide Pods: $0.34 pod

Other - $0.42 per pod



BULK – $0.34 per load

Other – $0.22 per load


Beauty Products:

Face wipes (good idea)

BULK $0.25 per wipe

Not Bulk $1.20 per wipe


Sunscreen – bad idea might be cheaper but does have an expiry date

BULK: $10 per 100ml – Neutrogena 60

Not Bulk: $17 per 100ml - Neutrogena


Spices and Nuts:

Spices cheaper but a bad idea as they go bad after 6 months. Nuts are cheaper by bulk but should be frozen to keep them fresh.


BULK : Almonds $6 per lb

Not Bulk $10.33 per lb


Food and Beverage

Soda (bad idea) often cheaper elsewhere

BULK $0.46 per can

Sale $0.33 per can


Dried goods –  pasta – good idea

BULK: Spaghetti $0.43 per 100 g

Not Bulk: $0.80 per 100g



Vitamins (good idea).

BULK Melatonin $0.08 a pill – Webber natural

Not Bulk $0.21 a pill




Thrift Stores – Antique Side Table $5 purchase

Get to know your local thrift. Pick more affluent neighborhoods – better donations. Ex Mother – velvet curtains ($10 a panel)

Avoid shopping on the weekend. Pick a slower weekday like Tuesday.

Take your time – there is a lot of stuff – I go up and down the same aisles over and over.

Flip it over – know your labels.

Know your tags – the coloured tags mean different things – and when they will go on mark down.

Keep measurements in your phone of key areas or items you are looking for.

See beyond the obvious. How can you transform

Sign up emails – deal days.


HomeSense  - ART and Poufs

Get to know your store manager – many stores get new product on Tuesday. But double check.

Think strategically – location is often tied to items. Ie downtown stores – smaller scale furniture for condo dwellers. Suburbs – bigger scale.

Get on the website – many of the stores will list their dept – be it gourmet or lighting. These will have the best selection.

Follow one of the many HomeSense fan Instagram accounts – they post new finds and locations.

Make a map – plan out a Saturday where you can hit a few in a row.

Enlist friends.


Tips for using 'Bunz':

 Saved searches

You can search by hashtags

Category filters:  search for ‘vintage’ or ‘retro’ or filter search results by category i.e, ‘Furniture’ or ‘Decor’

Check often.

Research – know the value of the item.

Inspect the item – no shame in walking away from a deal if its more beat up than you thought.


Dumpster Diving Tips:

Wear protective gear – mask, old clothes, etc  Anti Bacterial wipes

Find out when your city does clean ups – always a week when larger items are put out for the trash.

Wander more affluent neighborhoods.

Check out retail store garbage – old displays.

Check out dumpster new house being remodeled – found an antique mantel this way.

Dive with a friend.

Have Large vehicle with furniture blankets.

Shower the minute you get home.

If you don’t want to go all dumpster – find out garbage days and wander that neighborhood. Often people put items out beside their garbage.

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