Wow your guests with the PERFECT seasonal sips + make-ahead appetizers.

Wow your guests with the PERFECT seasonal sips and make-ahead appetizers that won’t have you stuck in the kitchen. Randy Feltis has your holiday party prep on lock. Then, Your office party wardrobe dilemmas solved! How to turn a no-no into a knock out! Plus, :It’s the Holiday Haul dreams are made of.
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Products and Services

Outfit 1
Le Chateau

Outfit  2

Outfit #3

Best Party tips:

  1. Coat rack with recycled shoe and purse storage bags on the hangers for gloves scarves, etc.
  2. Winter greens on rubber boot matt
  3. Beers in a drink bin or sink and then ice dumped over top. Have an opener and hand towel for drying the bottle.
  4. Have screw top red and white wines out with glasses on either side.
  5. Bottles of water with small bags of snacks tied with a ribbon for guests to take as they are leaving.


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