Our Makeover Madness team is coming to the rescue!

Our Makeover Madness team is coming to the rescue.  Two single moms get a whole, new, look – and we surprise this audience member.  And, don’t fear the return of the pleated skirt. Iva shows us how to wear the trend, without looking frumpy. Plus, hair removal without the big bucks, Bahar tells us when to DIY at home, and when to let the professionals take over.
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Tracy’s clothing provided by Freda's
Tracy’s shoes provided by Town Shoes

Products and Services

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Products and Services


Products and Services


Products and Services

First Outfit

Skirt, Ann Taylor

T Shirt, Nordstrom

Handbag, Poppy and Peonies

Shoes, Nordstrom



Second outfit

All from Ann Taylor



Third Outfit

Entire outfit, RW&Co

Booties, Ann Taylor

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