We’re getting thrifty, starting with your morning coffee!

We’re getting thrifty, starting with your morning coffee! Shoana’s testing one cup java machines to get you the best deal. Smart ways to save your money! Leigh Ann turns her kids playroom into a home gym, and you won’t believe the cost! Then, stretch your dollar, with these brilliant high-fashion hacks! Plus, online shopping tips to sell your old stuff for the MOST money.
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Rethink pieces into stylish items:
Jeans – Vintage Levi’s from Value Village ($6.99) made into long cut off Bermuda that arrived new this past summer.
• Measure the desired length of short
• Mark with chalk line
• Cut across and cut little slits to encourage fraying.

T-shirt – Vintage men’s cotton T-shirt from Value Village ($2.99) made into a crop tied-front shirt.
• cut only the back at your desired crop length
• mark the middle part of the front of the t-shirt
• cut up the centre
• tie two free pieces.
• cut the inside of the knitted crew neck

Dress – Custom dress from Value Village ($14.99) into peplum blouse.
• Using the zipper as a guide to hem.
• Cut the liner
• Pin and hem the skirt

Plaid Skirt – long, narrow plaid skirt from Value Village ($16.99) hacked into a Alexander McQueen – esque. SJP inspired skirt of McQueen to the 2006 MET Gala.
• Split the seam up the slit stopping below the hip.
• Using the layered tulle skirt, cut wide strips
• Sew tulle along the skirt seam.
• Add another layer of tulle.

Brand New Items:
Carven wool structured coat. Carven is a French couture house established in 1944.
Winter 2014 Collection.
Bariano dress. Australian label creating evening and event attire for women.

Shopping Online Tips:
1. Know your brand and sizing within that brand.
2. Using the pulldown tabs, search first for brand
3. Then category of what you are looking for – shoes, jeans, dresses.
4. Then enter your desired size
5. Lastly hit lowest to highest price tab to search only from the lowest price. Know what your range and limit is per brand and piece.

Jeans: Winners , ($39.99) an off-price retailer. Brand name and designer fashions 20-60% discounted. Winners purchases cancelled orders, over stock, end of season inventory, as well as product manufactured directly for them.
Sneakers: Outlet retailer sells from one brand or manufacturer.
Boost is a style has been around since it’s launch in January 2015 and chosen by athletes and style mavens. Many versions with slight variations with different colour motifs and colourways. Adidas Boost ($89.99) older version Current version $200 to designer collaborations $350.

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