Reboot your routine, with the power of 5! 

Reboot your routine, with the power of 5! Chef Jason Parsons puts the timer to the test—with dinner in 5 minutes FLAT! Makeover week continues. We’re taking over this messy closet—plus the 5 pieces that will transform your wardrobe this Fall. Shoana has 5 easy ways to get you out the door, FAST! And later, the 5 essential kitchen tools you need to whip up meals in minutes!  
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5 life changing ways to change your morning routine:

Alarm Clock


InfinitiPRO 3Q Hair Dryer

Makeup organizer

5 of my favourite kitchen tools under $20:

Wooden spatula and fork

Off set whisk

Double hinge wine opener

Salt and pepper bowls

Products and Services


T-shirt: Banana Republic ($45),
Jacket: H&M ($49),
Animal print blouse: ($70),
Animal print belt: ($50),
Vince Camuto jogger: ($119), at
Dex legging: ($49), at
Reveal outfit:

Closet Organizing Segment
Hanging large slot organizer: Bed Bath & Beyond
Hanger sleeves: IKEA

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